What we do?

Trident Security Consulting Services are a unique security company that offer bespoke security and consultancy solutions. Trident can supply security operatives to events nationwide, ranging from small private parties requiring 2 security operative’s through to large events requiring 100’s of security personnel. We always provide highly trained SIA registered personnel, capable of dealing with the complex security issues.

Door Supervision

Door Supervisors can often be the difference between a venue which is successful and one which is struggling to attract the right type of customer. If you and your venue are looking for SIA approved door supervisors then welcome to Trident Security. You will know better than most how important it is to provide your customers with a safe and secure environment. We can also offer your venue staff training on a wide range of activities including Conflict Management, Drug Awareness, Physical Intervention Techniques and Challenge 21/25 from the UK’s leading provider of door supervisors, we provide door supervisors to match your needs and facilitate your client’s safety.

Security Risk Management Consultancy

Tridents Risk Management consultancy packages help our clients to understand and mitigate the risks faced by their organisations. Our solutions are tailored to the specific needs of the client and enable them to identify, manage, and mitigate current and future risks. We have extensive experience in delivering risk management consultancy to both private and commercial clients.
After each consultation we will provide our clients with sustainable security solutions, these solutions are routinely reviewed to ensure continual improvement in line with an often rapidly changing security environment enabling our clients to maintain business continuity in a normal daily manner.

Residential Security (RST)

High profile individuals and anyone that leaves their homes for lengthy periods of time have had their properties targeted whilst they are away. It’s vital that home owners have the highest possible security to minimise these risks and provide a deterrent.
All residential security tasking will commence with an initial security review of the premises and a consultancy meeting evaluating current risks and threats with the client. This will ensure we have a total understanding of the clients concerns and requirements before selecting the correct personnel to carry out the task. We have the ability to provide both overt and covert security officers, depending on the circumstances and the client’s requirements. This will enable a sustainable discrete systematic security solution
Tridents residential security teams have a vast experience of securing both high and low risk properties. Our teams are trained in securing, patrolling and protecting high net worth assets, personnel and properties. Our residential team will also be able to offer advice on specific areas of concern and provide expert advice on any other concerns or requirements of our clients.

Marina Security

We deliver focused audits and surveys of marinas and marina facilities to support our clients’ daily routines in high-risk maritime environment. The marine aspect of security requirements is ever increasing with port thefts increasing.
Our marine security is supervised by a qualified Ships security officer and Port security officer. We are also able to deliver an afloat security team with members of our teams licensed to operate high speed vessels to reduce the risk of theft from vessels or facilities form the other vessels, we also have a fully licensed yacht master on our team to aid in the secure movement of vessels form one marina to another.

Event Security

Event security management for private parties, corporate parties, festivals, concerts, fashion shows and sporting events is more important than ever before.
With heightened security needs increasing due to threats of violence and attacks, the security operative needs to be of the highest calibre and be able to provide a total managed security service. Tridents team of security professionals are able to seamlessly facilitate the needs for security and management of a wide range events.
Our service standards of excellence enable us to organise and implement a range of security and management solutions for your event from inception to fruition, these include:
1. Initial Security and Management consultancy
2. Access control
3. Queue control
4. Event security
5. Full crowd management
6. PIT teams
7. Backstage teams
8. Close Protection
9. Prestigious chauffeur & vehicle service
10. Emergency response teams
11. Event stewarding
12. Traffic management team

Why choose us?

Companies can minimise the risk to their property and employees by ensuring that tested risk mitigation policies, processes and procedures are in place. Trident has use a range of integrated and bespoke consultancy tools that support detection and deterrence measures, and enable our clients to safely conduct their business activities, with confidence that their assets and employees are operating within a safe environment.

Static Security

We recognise the challenges of providing a secure working environment – particularly when a client’s worksites are vastly diverse and dispersed throughout the employment sector. We use a variety of positions, including Shift Supervisor, Entry Control Point (ECP) Guards, to guard our clients’ worksite and their assets. Our security solutions are based on a comprehensive analysis of the requirement and may integrate static, mobile and technological security elements. This analysis informs the design and implementation of appropriate and bespoke security solutions. Such solutions are routinely reviewed to ensure continual improvement in line with an often rapidly changing security environment enabling our clients to maintain business continuity in a normal daily manner.

Night Guarding Services

Our night guarding team provides professional security guards to the following sectors, manned guarding, static guarding, mobile patrols, retail security, commercial security and construction security.
We employ a range of operatives to accomplish the security solutions we set out to provide, bringing with them experience in guarding and customer service. Without exception, each of our operatives, regardless of what field they work in holds an appropriate and valid SIA licence. We follow and adhere to strict SIA and British Standard regulations and have achieved constant management contact with our clients
Our operatives are supplied with all of the equipment and safety wear they may need for carrying out their duties.

Mobile Patrols & Key Holding

Our highly visible mobile patrols act as an effective deterrent and incident management system. We make random visits to your premises day and night to ensure your wellbeing and the safety of your environment and its assets.
If your alarm is triggered, be it a false call or not, our key holding service is your first line of deterrence. Our trained SIA licensed staff will respond day or night and deal with either resetting your alarm or with any potentially situation or threat that may be occurring to your assets or property.

Close Protection

We tailor our close protection service to suit the needs of our clients and their daily routines. No two clients are the same and we utilise our knowledge, expertise and services to provide the most suitable method of protection for each individual, be that overt or covert.
Each task starts with a consultancy phase so we are able to fully understand our clients’ needs. This ensures we provide the correct level of protection and match manpower to the requirement ensuring the usage of the correct personnel and methods to enable us to fully integrate into our client’s lifestyle.
We have extensive experience and knowledge of providing close protection personnel and security services to corporate and individual clients worldwide including, Diplomats, VIP’s and High value individuals from film, television, music and sporting worlds.
Our close protection operatives are licensed and regulated by the SIA (Security Industry Authority) and keep up-to-date with new legislation and training requirements. We recruit our operatives from varying backgrounds which include, Police, UK & Foreign Military and Special Forces. All our operatives are required to sign confidentiality agreements.

Retail Security

The presence of a Trident security operative provides a crucial visual and physical deterrent.
Security and loss prevention for the retail industry is of paramount importance. Minimising stock losses whilst still providing a safe and pleasant environment for staff and customers is of vital importance.
A recent loss prevention report showed the cost of retail crime in the UK was in excess of £1.6 Billion pounds a current trend increase of 15.6% per year.

The need for a cost effective loss prevention programme is of paramount importance to all businesses, regardless of size.Our retail security guards and loss prevention officers are specifically trained in this field. An onsite risk assessment is mandatory to enable us to determine the client’s needs and requirements enabling our clients to maintain business continuity in a normal daily manner.

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